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#300) "That Sinking Feeling"
October 21, 2002

This strip offers two humorous literary references for the price of one!

During one of her raids on the forester's house in The Cunning Little Vixen, Vixen Sharpears is disgusted to find her feet sinking into the chicken droppings while sneaking underneath the hen house. It gave me the notion to take the idea one step further at Skippy's expense.

In addition, reader's of Watership Down will get a smile out of Liska's exclamation in the final panel. For the rabbit's in thae novel, Frith was the divine personification of the sun, their god. The word "embleer" literally describes the scent given off by foxes and can colloquially be interpreted as "stinking". Thus, "Embleer Frith" is both a rather strong rabbit profanity and a racial slur against foxes, made funnier in this instance by the fact that Liska is the one using it... :)

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