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#25 "Stuck On You" October 13, 1997

The gag behind this strip is another one of those examples of "cartoon physics". In real life, a plunger wouldn't really be able to make a good enough seal against Liska's fur to generate the required vacuum necessary to stick to Liska's body like this. Plus Skippy's speaking should immediately equalize the pressure inside the cup and make it fall off his face. But like Roger Rabbit once said, people are usually willing to accept weird stuff like this in cartoons so long as the payoff is funny.

This is also a good early example of how Skippy's candid personality often lands him into trouble - he really is too honest for his own good. It's another one of those things I didn't consciously plan for in the beginning but eventually develloped into an important character trait and running joke.

I especially enjoyed how Skippy's dialogue in the last panel matches Liska's earlier on; the irony helped take the basic slapstick humor of the situation to a higher level.

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