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#24 "Taking the Plunge" October 6, 1997

I knew from the very beginning that the town dump would be a very important place in the Mynarski Forest world and wanted to establish it early on. It's existence explains why Skippy and Liska get to play with things things like bathroom plungers, power tools, and T.V. sets that they ordinarily wouldn't have access to.

The dump is a good example of the very convenient selective ignorance the characters display for writing purposes. Depending on the needs of the story, Skippy and Liska might know perfectly well how to operate a computer or digital camera, but then be totally perplexed by a bathroom plunger or salad spinner. This inconsitency defies logic and doesn't make any real sense if you actually take the time to sit down and think about it, but it's one of those things you can get away with in a cartoon like Mynarski Forest; the reader is usually willing to suspend disbelief and go along with it so long as the pay-off is funny.

I also inadvertantly wound up exploring an unintended environmental theme with the dump. Many of the things Skippy and Liska find there are in perfectly good working order and/or are very hazardous raising the issue of the need for humans to be less wasteful and more responsible about the things we discard.

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