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#21 "Boofer!" September 15, 1997

If I had to do this strip over again, I would have made the acorn in the last panel several times bigger than it was depicted here; the joke works better the larger the acorn is, so ideally I would have tried to have Boofer drop one on them the size of a house... :)

Unfortunately this was a very early comic and my skills weren't up to the task of what I envisioned; fitting a larger acorn into the panel while imparting a sense of motion and maintaining a balanced composition proved more troublesome than I would have liked.

This was also the first strip that openly raised the issue of whether or not Skippy and Liska are actually boy and girlfriends, and of course, it had to be that trouble maker Boofer to be the one to raise it. The question itself has proven to be a rather complex and nuanced one over time.

When I first began planning the strip, I was aware of the romantic possibilities between the two characters and the humorous opportunities this presented. But when actually writing the strip, it often felt as though their relationship was more of a platonic friendship/sibling rivalry arrangement rather than that of a bickering couple.

I think the ambiguity works well. People naturally want to see the main characters of a story get together eventually, but when they finally do, all of the interest is often sucked out of the premise. It's the uncertainty and tension in these relationships that people find compelling and Skippy's relationship with Liska is certainly more tense and uncertain most!

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