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#22 "Ugly, Mean, 'n' Nasty!" September 22, 1997

Intended as a one-shot throw away joke, the punchline for this strip is the first of what eventually became a long running gag for the comic and a personality trait of Skippy's that gradually emerged over time; namely, his very unfortunate habit of inadvertantly offending everybody around him, Liska in particular.

This is another one of those cases where Skippy managed to acquire a quirk from my own personality before I was conciously aware of it... He's very honest but not especially tactful and often fails to see the broader social picture, which frequently lands him in hot water with others. It's like the joke where the girlfriend asks if her jeans make her butt look big and the boyfriend replies he doesn't think the jeans have anything to do with it... Here, Skippy's genuinely oblivious to the fact that he's just called Liska ugly, mean, and nasty; all he's concerned about is correcting Boofer's misinterpretation about their relationship together.

It's actually a pretty funny joke when it happens to somebody else in a cartoon but in real life probably explains why I've so far been unsuccessful in landing a cute, red-headed partner in crime of my own... Why, oh why, does Skippy have to be the lucky one?! :)

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