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#38 "Mitties" January 12, 1998

Mitties would eventually turn out to be a much more important character than I first anticipated, filling many roles within the comic.

First and foremost, she plays a similar function for Liska that Finch does for Skippy - being a friend and confidante whom Liska can talk about, complain about, and make fun of Skippy behind his back and get advice from.

Mitties also serves as an adversary for Skippy and Liska when they attempt to steal chickens from Farmer Fred's farm. She can be somewhat ruthless in this capacity, although unlike Boofer, she's not driven by any bad personal feelings or maliciousness; it's just strictly business. Sort of like the Warner Brothers cartoon where the Coyote and Sheepdog are friendly with each other until they punch in for work and then try to kill each other.

In addition to all this, Mitties is also the forest's resident expert on human beings. Although she doesn't always perfectly understand humans, she has more experience with them than any of the other animals, and so is frequently approached for adviced in human related matters.

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