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#39 "Gratitude Attitude" January 19, 1998

I originally intended Mitties to be somewhat more of a threat to Skippy than she eventually turned out to be. Every time Skippy and Liska raided the farm, Mitties would almost wind up eating him, making the situation that much more perilous for him.

As things turned out, Mitties proved to be even smarter than the cartoonist in this case. Sure, it would bring her momentary pleasure to chow down on Skippy, but he probably wouldn't taste all that great, certainly no better than the free meals she gets from Farmer Fred anyways. And he would be so much more useful to her as a cat's-paw for keeping Liska under control. Not to mention, tormenting and making fun of Skippy is just pure entertainment as far as she's concerned, and watching Skippy and Liska annoy the heck out of each other is a total blast for our feline friend.

In the end, I think Mitties has actually come to like and maybe even respect Skippy a little bit, although she'd certainly never admit it. After all, who else besides Skippy could survive living with Liska for so long? And Mitties has a lot of fun being around him, even if he doesn't have a whole lot of fun being around her...

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