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#63) "Brain Damage" July 6, 1998

Of course, the big concern about cell phones way back when they were first becoming mainstream was whether or not they posed any health risks. Skippy and Liska managed to provide a quite unequivocal answer to that question right here.

I'm quite proud of the writing in this strip; it offers no less than four punchlines for the price of one setup. Skippy implying that Liska is stupid, that it's difficult to believe that anybody would want to talk to her, gets beaten up, and Mitties observation that he might be calling the kettle black.

I'm also rather pleased with the facial expressions in this one. Liska's suprise and then indignation when Mitties tells her she shouldn't use the phone too much, Skippy's smile in panel three as Mitties explains the risks of cell phone use, and everybody's expression in panel four as he enthusiastically expresses his thoughts on the matter.

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