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#64) "Basket Case" July 13, 1998

Sometimes a cartoonist draws inspiration for ideas from other sources... Other times he rips them off entirely! :)

Seriously though, it can be a lot of fun when you take your own ensemble of characters and cast them in the roles of other characters from popular stories. It's not so much laziness a lack of creativity, it's more of a self-indulgence, for the writer to be able to take a story he loves and put his own spin on it.

That's probably why you see it in so many TV shows and comics. Somebody gets hit in the head and starts hallucinating and the next thing you know, everybody winds up in the land of Oz. (It's also why a character like Heywood who does it on his own all the time can be so useful!)

Anyways, it sure beats having to come up with your own ideas all of the time... Just don't tell the lawyers!

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