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#65) "DOGGIEE!!!" July 20, 1998

The character designs (but not the personalities) for the Minderbinder family were inspired by real-life people; hey, I needed to get my models from somewhere!

Moira was based on a female coworker upon whom I had a major crush at the time I was creating the comic... Liska and Anouk Cochrane's characters' physical appearance were also influenced by this special lady. Sadly, she was already spoken for long before I first met her, otherwise I probably would have married her, had a family, and been too busy to even think of starting a web comic. Thus, Moira is my fond tribute to an unrequited love.

Milton was based upon a male coworker upon whom I did NOT have a major crush; still, we worked very well together for quite a long time before he left to do other things. He always reminded me a bit of Chris Elliot, who starred on Saturday Night Live at the time, and I figured his appearance would fit in with the tone of the character and the comic.

Molly Minderbinder was, of course, based on my niece, Rebecca Lynn Laramee, who was Molly's age at the time I first started the comic. It's mindblowing to think, but Rebecca, is actually all grown up now, just turning eighteen and graduating from highschool last year, having never (to my knowledge at least) eaten a roadkill cookie!

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