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#67) "Carried Away" August 3, 1998

Although foxes tend to be one of the more fashionable species within the furry fandom, they seem to be much less popular among the general public. Don't believe me? Try collecting foxy stuff and you'll soon see there are many more things to collect for people with things for wolves, eagles, bears, skunks, rabbits, racoons, deer or moose than there are for fox lovers (which is probably just as well, as my place is pretty cluttered with the stuff I have managed to find over the years).

My point is that Skippy's confidence in this strip is pretty well founded. Most people don't like foxes enough to want to bring one home with them. And to want to bring one as contentious as Liska into their home and have her live with them? You can't blame Skippy for finding the situation a little humourous.

Unfortunately, as Finch has observed in another strip, this sort of thing is only funny until somebody pokes an eye out... Or in this case, carried off and thrown in the back of a purple Ford Escort... :)

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