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#92) "Canid Camera" January 11, 1998

When trying to write for Mynarski Forest, one of my most simple and helpful methods is to brainstorm a single idea for a situation with which to confront the characters, then let their own personalities and perhaps Murphy's Law drive the action.

The most difficult part of the creative process then becomes coming up with that one good idea to get the ball rolling. It might take a frustratingly long time for that "A-ha!" moment to strike, but when it does, an entire story can quickly unfold itself in my mind with suprising speed, sometimes within a matter of only a few minutes.

In this particular case, I simply asked myself what would happen if someone tried to take Liska's picture. From that starting point, the obvious answer was that Liska would probably get herself a shiny new camera, which opened up a lot of further possiblities.

I'm especially pleased with panel four's build-up to the climax and how it naturally segues into the punchline (and the fact that Liska is once again being referred to as an "it"). The reader might have guessed what was about to happen, but it's still a shock to the human characters. :)

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