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#95) "A Kodak Moment" February 1, 1999

Oh wow, here's something that's been rendered almost completely defunct by the digital revolution, the old Polaroid instant cameras.

I can still recall my Mom getting one for Christmas waaaay back in 1978, and what a huge deal it was to be able to take photos and get almost instant results. Like a lot of folks who fondly remember them, I was a little sad to hear that Polaroid finally stopped making film for them just recently, although I wouldn't trade my brand new digital camera for anything.

I'm especially pleased with the final panel in this one. Liska's sarcastic reference to Fabio, her disgusted facial expression and the dry, cynical delivery of the punchline all combine to make the put-down sublimely brutal, even by the standards Skippy has become accustomed to.

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