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#100) "Terms of Endearment" March 8, 1999

And so after one hundred strips, Skippy is finally willing to admit that he at least likes having Liska around, that she has become more to him than just a highly annoying stranger who decided to move in with him.

This is one of those strips that pretty much suprised me by coming out of left field and made me laugh when it popped into my mind. Humans do tend to call their loved ones things like "sugar", "sweetie", "honey", and so on, so it would only be natural for a rabbit to call a special friend "carrots". Or for a fox to call one "rabbit"....

...Except in unusual cases where the friend actually happens to be a rabbit, and the compliment assumes a somewhat unsettling connotation... I'm very pleased with the way this strip turned out and how it sums up Skippy and Liska's relationship. It's very affectionate, sweet, innocent, sincere, and endearing. But also backhanded, warped, and just a little bit disturbing... :)

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