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#101) "Unrequited" March 15, 1999

It's probably worth clarifying for anyone who might have misintrpreted things that Heywood and Finch are both perfectly straight, as are all the main Mynarski Forest characters (although some of their alternate universe counterparts most certainly are not). They do however have an unfortunate habbit of occasionally getting into bizarre situations that might make their relationship seem... ambiguous... Here Skippy takes advantage of the situation to get in a little jab at Finch's expense.

One running joke about Heywood that we haven't yet seen too much of which will see more use (if I ever get around to doing the MF spin-off) is that he possess wildly innacurate "Gaydar". Believing himself to be irrestible to others regardless of their gender, he often mistakenly suspects his male friends of coming on to him, but at the same time could unsuspectingly blunder into a pride parade and totally miss it.

Or to use his own words, "There sure are a lotta guys wearing chaps around here... This town must be holding a rodeo!"

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