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#102) "Paté Faux Pas" March 22, 1999

I got the idea for this strip from two sources. First, from watching the "Round-Up" ride at the local fair, which uses centrifugal force to pin the riders to it's the walls in a fashion similar to this. And second, from fooling around with our own salad spinner in real life (and no, I never actually experimented with real gophers). When it occurred to me that such contraptions could be horribly misused by a sufficiently demented individual, I immediately thought of Liska... :)

I'm especially proud of this comic as it was the first and only MF strip to be printed in an actual newspaper. The Red Deer Advocate ran a story on web comics in the spring of 1999 following the publicity after a group of fellow web cartoonists organized an April Fools Day cartoon switch, and ran this comic along with a nice writeup on the event.

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