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#128) "Bugs Bunny" September 13, 1999

Brer Fox wasn't exactly the brightest example of vulpine cunning to begin with. Sadly, Liska is definitely no Brer Fox, and it doesn't take much effort on her part to add an extra measure of failure to his scheme. Once again, the irony is that Skippy winds up suffering for it - this is the way Brer Fox really should have done it all along....

Drawing Skippy all gunged up like this was a lot of fun. I knew that for my story's purpose whatever Liska made the "Tar Skippy" from had to be edible, sweet, sticky, and would attract flies. I originally wanted to go with chocolate syrup for both it's colour and texture (plus the fact that like most people I like chocolate - yum!) however this conflicted with the later storyline where we learn chocolate is toxic to Liska and Clarence and a suitable substitute had to be found.

I eventually settled on "maple syrup and molasses" since the mixture had a similar sort of consistency to what I wanted and as a bonus, the combination serendipidously had the same alliterative quality as "tar and turpentine". The molasses also gives a slight nod to the southern origins of the story while the maple syrup gives it a distinct Canadian flavour... plus, I like maple syrup - yum!

Lastly, I do have to confess that I'm especially proud of the pun in the title of this strip.... :)

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