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#130) "Bear Scare" September 27, 1999

With her unique access to human knowledge and items, Mitties has often proved useful as a source of deus ex machina to assist Skippy and Liska with their little dilemmas, help wrap up various story events, or otherwise move the plot along. In this case, she's able to rescue our hero from the tar Skippy by lending Liska some of Farmer Fred's adhesive remover.

This particular strip is a regretable, though thankfully relatively rare, early example of me pulling my punches with the dialogue. In my original concept, Mitties used the word "turd" in her last line rather than "droppings" but I changed it in an attempt to keep the strip more age-appropriate out of concern for my younger readers.

Unfortunately, I don't think the line is quite as funny and was never really happy with the change. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, I probably should have gone with my original impulse, especially considering it's relative innocence given how much cruder the general culture has become in the intervening years.

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