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#97) "Flirtin' and Hurtin'" February 15, 1999

Achallenger appears... :)

It was only natural that Heywood's infatuation with Liska would eventually conflict with Skippy's own relationship with her, even if he's too obtuse to admit to actually having one; conflict of course being a very handy thing to have when writing character driven humour.

Although introducing Heywood as an unwanted amorous rival was certainly a deliberate decision on my part, I serendipitously lucked into a unique and somewhat unexpected relationship dynamic as a result. The Skippy-Heywood-Liska love-triangle differs from the standard formulae in that at least two of it's sides appear to be missing, which opened up lot of unusual opportunities for the characters to antagonize one another. Thus, Skippy would be subject to scathing put-downs, or wind up accidently insulting Liska with horrific consequences.

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