A furry comic about a sociopathic red fox vixen and her reluctant rabbit sidekick. Also includes foxy collectables and an extensive vulpine reference.
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Howdy, and thanks for dropping by! If it's been a while, you may want to check the Site History/Update page. Believe it or not, Web Counter says you're visitor number to this site!

Welcome to the anthromoronic, anthrosophomoric, anthropomorphic world of Skippy and Liska! He's a jittery cottontail rabbit. She's a sociopathic red fox vixen. Together, they get into all kinds of trouble, both in the Mynarski Forest and the nearby, fictional central Alberta town of Holland Valley. Every Monday, share the weekly (weakly?) adventures of a cunning little vixen and the rabbit who tolerates her!

After much personal debate, I've reluctantly decided to suspend the current storyline with a bit of a cliff-hanger and place Mynarski Forest on a six month hiatus, with new comics tentatively scheduled to resume next spring. You can read more about this decision by clicking here.

In the meantime, as of September 14th, I will be re-running select "classic" Mynarski Forest strips accompanied by an artist's commentary, along with previously un-released sketches, artwork, personal photos, and random miscallaneous stuff including this year's Jack-o-Liska and Christmas card. Just think of it as like the bonus content you get on a DVD!

Oh, and if you haven't already done so, feel free to read about my recent adventures during an RCMP training exercise!

This Week's Strip

At least this time, Liska can be happy about not leaving the Old Geezer in too much worse condition than she originally found him in.

First Strip Previous Strip #375 "Have You Even Been Paying Attention?!"
March 29 2004
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